JOTFORM problem details: This is a huge problem, our business stops any time form doesn't work. Please, fix the issues asap.

There is a huge problem while generating a PDF.


  1. Go to the form's link with prefilled params: link
  2. Press the green button to Generate PDF
  3. You'll get Thank you screen
  4. Press Download PDF
Result: Empty PDF template without data

Expected: Filled PDF

More info: after some failed attempts to generate a PDF, I visited a jotform dashboard and opened the form's submission page. There were some new empty lines - all my failed attempts. After some time, they disappeared:

Empty result
Expected result
After submission
Time: 17:44
Time: 17:49
Another test:

Failed submission with name JOTFORM TEST
Time: 18:15
Submission data appeared only since 4 minutes